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Lake Charles, LA (8/28/2020) — At least 16 people have died in Texas and Louisiana due to Hurricane Laura. 

With power outages across most of the Louisiana and Texas gulf coastline, locals have turned to power generators for electricity.

These generators release carbon monoxide that, when trapped inside the walls of a house, builds up and poisons the people inside.

At least 11 people have died from carbon monoxide poisoning. 

The other deaths are attributed to trees falling into houses and drowning.

Officials estimate that areas along the gulf shore could remain without water and power for weeks, as streets are inaccessible due to fallen trees and debris. 

Hospitals in Lake Charles are transferring patients to other hospitals due to downed phone lines and limited access to power.

Also, with a lack of running water in the area, Lake Charles residents are worried about the coronavirus pandemic and their inability to wash their hands frequently.

Hurricane Laura continues on its path into the Midwestern United States, threatening Tennessee with strong rain and winds.

Source: WDSU 6, The New York Times

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