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New Orleans, LA (8/31/2020) — A New Orleans apartment complex caught fire on Monday night, leaving the building’s 26 residents homeless.

The two-story apartment building, located in New Orleans’ Garden District at 1629 Washington Avenue, caught fire around 8:40 PM, according to the New Orleans Police Department. All of the building’s residents escaped without injury, and no firefighters were harmed. One resident’s dog died in the incident.

At the fire’s peak, the entire roof of the apartment complex was in flames. The fire’s heat also damaged a house located behind the complex.

The fire department contained the blaze at 11:09 PM. Firefighters remained on the scene overnight to ensure the flames did not flare up again. 

NOFD is investigating the cause of the fire. The fire chief said the fire started in the building’s attic, which did not have any wall structures to contain the fire; it spread quickly from the attic through the rest of the building. 

Source: Nola.com 


Unfortunately, fires like this happen far too often in Louisiana. 

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