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When you experience an accident or property damage in New Orleans, you expect your insurance company to help.

After all, you pay premiums every month so that you have coverage in an emergency.

However, insurance companies don’t always come through on their end of the bargain.

What should you do if your insurance refuses to pay your claim?

Some people give in to the pressure of insurance company intimidation and simply take the financial loss.

Other people want to fight the insurance company to recover the compensation they deserve.

If you want to dispute an insurance claim denial, you need an experienced New Orleans insurance attorney on your side.

Our skilled insurance attorneys at the BFH Law Group will challenge unfair insurance denials and negotiate for your maximum compensation.

Call our New Orleans insurance dispute lawyers for a free consultation. Keep reading to learn more about disputing an insurance claim.

How an Insurance Attorney Can Help

Our experienced insurance attorneys spent the early days of our careers working for businesses and insurance companies.

This experience with insurance company disputes gives us insight into how insurance companies work, including strategies they use to deny claims.

We counter these unfair tactics with legal advocacy that attempts to get you a maximum insurance settlement.

Our law firm employs talented investigators who will uncover all possible evidence.

We use this evidence to support your insurance claim dispute.

Since your insurance company must maintain a duty of “good faith and fair dealing,” we point out where they are acting unfairly.

Then our New Orleans insurance attorneys negotiate with the insurance company for your maximum compensation. 

What Documents to Bring to Your Attorney

When you meet with one of our New Orleans insurance attorneys for a free consultation, bring any evidence to dispute your insurance claim denial.

To prove that your insurance claim is valid, you should bring the following relevant documents:

  • Your insurance policy,
  • Photos of the damage,
  • Medical bills,
  • Pay stubs,
  • Property repair invoices,
  • Emails or text messages from your insurance company,
  • Letters from your insurance company,
  • Notes from phone conversations with your insurance company,
  • Police reports, and
  • Names and contact information for witnesses.

If you don’t have some of these relevant documents, our experienced investigators can attempt to access them.

Our law firm will collect all essential information to dispute your insurance claim denial and argue for your maximum payment.

What Information to Provide to the Attorney

Along with documentation, you should give your insurance attorney a statement describing your experience.

Your attorney needs as much fact-specific information as possible.

Keeping in mind the “W” questions of journalism can guide you to a complete description of events:

  • When did the incident occur?
  • Where did the accident happen?
  • What caused the incident?
  • Who witnessed the accident?
  • What damage resulted from the incident?
  • Why did the insurance company deny your claim? 

It’s best to speak to an insurance attorney before you give a statement to the insurance company.

You may feel overwhelmed after an accident or property damage experience, so it can be difficult to provide a complete account of your experience.

An attorney can help you think of all the relevant information before you speak to the insurance company.

Get Help from a New Orleans Insurance Attorney

If you experienced an insurance claim denial, you need an insurance attorney.

At the BFH Law Group, our experienced insurance attorneys help clients who have had insurance claims unfairly denied.

We will collect all the relevant information to support your claim and challenge the insurance company to pay you what they owe.

Contact us today for a free consultation.

We will review the details of your claim and let you know if we can help.

If we take your case, we work on contingency, meaning you owe us no payment until we win your claim.

Call us today to start your challenge to an unfair insurance claim denial.

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