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When a hurricane damages a roof, it is considered an act of God or a force of nature. As a result, the homeowner’s insurance usually covers the damage. The claim does not process automatically. Nor is there an automatic appeal if the insurance company denies your claim. Be proactive in both stages by filing an insurance claim accurately and getting legal representation if the claim is denied or ignored.

Hurricane Laura, like the hurricanes before it, caused significant damage in Lake Charles. Roof and interior water damage was particularly prevalent. Unfortunately, many homeowners found their roof insurance claim denied or severely underpaid. Many other homeowners had much of the water and wind damage to their property completely ignored. If your insurance company is being unresponsive, has undervalued your claim, or has denied your claim, it’s important to seek the help of an experienced insurance lawyer.

Phase One: Handling Your Claim

If you have hurricane damage to a Lake Charles home, you likely contacted your insurance agency and filed a claim (and if you have not, do so as soon as possible). Try to create a record or log of all calls and communication with the agency, including dates, names, and reasons for contact. Add your insurance policy and claim information to this file.

Also include pictures and videos related to the hurricane damage to your home (including roof damage, if you can do so safely). You should also compile pictures of your home from prior to the storm to support your claim in the event it is denied. Neighbors, relatives, and even your children may have pictures you can use. In this age of social media, videos and photos are more accessible and come from various sources.

You may not be able to gather everything suggested. That is okay. Gather what you can and start now; make it a point to record things consistently in case you find your roof insurance claim denied.

Phase Two: Contacting an Attorney If Your Claim Is Denied, Delayed, or Underpaid 

You should have an attorney for your Lake Charles homeowners insurance claim. If the insurance company denies, delays, or underpays your claim, there are substantial ramifications. It can delay a safe return to your home and cause pain and suffering financially and emotionally.

Therefore, hire an accomplished homeowners insurance attorney if the insurance company:

  • Did not reply to your claim in a reasonable time;
  • Did not pay enough to repair your home to its prior condition;
  • Denied your claim in full or in part; or
  • Did not apply the maximum coverage amount your policy allows in the circumstance.

Your attorney can follow up on your claim’s status. They will demand action or appeal a denial through the agency’s internal process. Skilled in negotiating, they can seek a settlement to your claim quickly.

A homeowners insurance litigation lawyer knows the state and federal regulations and laws that govern insurance agencies. When warranted, they can take legal action on your behalf. Having an attorney address your Lake Charles homeowners insurance claim can be as essential as having insurance and filing a claim after a natural disaster. 

No matter how thoroughly you present it, you may find your homeowner’s insurance claim denied. The outcome of filing a claim or fighting a denial is never guaranteed. But you will have the best chance of a fair resolution to your insurance claim with a strong attorney helping you.

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