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When a home or business is damaged by a fire, policyholders often turn to their insurance company to help them pick up the pieces.

Unfortunately, insurance companies often deny or underpay legitimate claims.

If your claim has been wrongfully denied or you feel that your insurer did not provide adequate compensation, call us. 

We help policyholders recover after their property or business has been damaged by a fire.

We pride ourselves in aggressively handling fire insurance claims while guiding our clients through the claims process.

We have assisted hundreds of clients to recover the compensation they deserve following a fire.

How The BFH Law Group Will Help With Your Fire Damage Claim


Fires can cause extensive damage to a home or business.

An insurance company may provide partial payment for obvious damages. Too often, the money paid by the insurance company is not enough to make essential repairs to your home.

In many cases, policyholders are underpaid tens of thousands of dollars.

Unseen Damages

Fires often cause extensive damage that insurance will not voluntarily pay for.

Smoke and soot from a fire can cause extensive damage to walls, paint, flooring, insulation, and your personal property.

Fires often cause damage to electrical systems, HVAC systems, and other areas of the home.

These problems can worsen over time while decreasing the value of your home.

We have assisted hundreds of policyholders through the complexities of a fire claim.

From day one, we employ qualified experts to fairly evaluate your loss so we can understand what your claim is worth.

Often times, insurance companies do not utilize properly trained experts to assess the value of a loss.

The experts we work with have backgrounds in construction, adjusting, and engineering, and are qualified to know what it will cost to make you whole.

Fast Resolution

Our goal is to resolve your case as fast as possible without having to go to court. Your insurance policy includes a process to formally resolve disputes in the value of your claim in a quick and efficient manner.

Our strategy is to make the best claim possible and to utilize your policy’s dispute resolution tools to force the speedy resolution of your claim. In some cases, we have recovered tens of thousands in new money for our clients in just a few months.

Protecting Your Quality of Life

For residential homeowners, the insurance company may try to force you to occupy your home as soon as possible or live with relatives while repairs are being performed.

Other times, the insurance company will try to place you in cramped, uncomfortable hotel rooms for extended periods of time.

You have options. Your policy’s additional living expense (“ALE”) coverage provides money for housing and other expenses.

You may be entitled to housing that is consistent with your normal standard of living. For example, if your family resides in a three-bedroom home, you are likely entitled to a rental home that is comfortable for your family, not a small single-room apartment or hotel room.

We help our clients quickly procure comfortable housing through ALE coverage to minimize the stress of dealing with your fire claim.

Business Losses

Commercial fire claims are complex and involve a number of different layers, including property damage, business interruption, and damage to inventories or other business property. We assist business owners by reviewing their insurance policy to know the full extent of coverage.

We then assemble a team of experts to fully evaluate all aspects of your claim. Insurance companies often undervalue significant commercial losses by hundreds of thousands of dollars. We thoughtfully and aggressively handle complex cases to maximize your insurance proceeds.

Tips to Handle Insurance Claims After Fire Damage:

  • Ask for an advance. If you did not have time to grab your necessities after a fire accident, you may be able to request an advance for the cost of these items. Most homeowner’s policies usually cover this. Save receipts and be reasonable on what type of items you purchase.
  • Keep track of expenses. If you are living in a hotel while your house is being repaired, keep receipts. Also, save bills on any living expenses that you need while you are out of your home.
  • Protect your property. Most insurance policies require that policyholders take reasonable steps to minimize the damage done to their properties. Take action to prevent flare-ups, vandalism, and other new problems that may increase damage.
  • File your claim immediately. Claims must be filed within the timeline stated in the policy, otherwise, you will not be able to recover damages for your losses.
  • Talk to an attorney. If your insurer is dragging their feet and refusing to pay out your claim in a timely manner, it is a good idea to talk to a lawyer. Find an attorney who has experience handling bad faith insurance claims and a record of success dealing with major insurers.

Providing Accessible, Personalized Representation

We understand the need to resolve claims in an efficient and effective way so you can move forward with your life.

Our law firm is dedicated to providing accessible and personalized representation.

We are available around the clock to discuss your case and we offer regular updates so you know exactly what is going on with your case. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.