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Lake Charles, LA (Oct. 15, 2020) – A family is rebuilding their southern Louisiana home after it sustained severe damage from Hurricane Laura and Hurricane Delta. The house was previously rebuilt in 2017 due to flooding brought by Hurricane Harvey.

The Walker family home stands near the Black Bayou in Lake Charles. The family had to gut their house and replace the bottom half of every wall after Hurricane Harvey. This year, the house sustained structural damage from Hurricane Laura and endured severe flooding after Hurricane Delta made landfall.

The house’s damage from these hurricanes was more critical than in 2017, so the entirety of the walls and the roof will be demolished and replaced this time.

As they tear their walls down again, the Walkers said they are finding scripture lines that they wrote on the wooden structural beams in 2017. They said these passages are helping them persevere through this uncertain time.

Source: KPLC TV

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