People purchase goods and services with the expectation that they are safe. When those goods and services are unsafe, thousands of people can be negatively impacted. Class Action and Mass Tort lawsuits are commonly used to resolve cases against pharmaceutical companies, drug-device manufacturers, and other manufacturers, banks, and corporations. Read more about current class action and mass tort claims.

Class Actions

A class action is a lawsuit brought on behalf of an entire group of people who are harmed in a similar way by the same person or company. A class-action lawsuit can be brought on a nationwide or statewide basis depending on the specific facts of the case.

Class actions are some of the most powerful tools consumers have to level the playing field with large corporations who have tried to take advantage of consumers, customers or employees. Successful class actions come in many forms, including:​

  • Consumer class actions: We represent consumers who have lost money or otherwise been harmed by unfair, deceptive and misleading business practices. These claims include excessive or unfair charges and breaches of contract.
  • Insurance fraud class actions: If you have been overcharged for insurance or otherwise defrauded or misled by an insurance company, the same may have happened to others. We can help. We have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars from insurance companies that have attempted to harm their clients.
  • Securities and antitrust class actions: We handle class action claims over complex business issues such as securities fraud and antitrust violations.
  • Predatory lending and mortgage fraud class actions: Our firm represents classes of clients who have been the subject of predatory lending practices.
  • Breach-of-contract class actions: Our attorneys hold businesses accountable for breaching contracts they have entered into with their customers and investors.

In most class action lawsuits, a lead class representative initiates the claim on behalf of the entire class. At the successful conclusion of the suit, the lead class representative is usually entitled to an incentive award for taking the initiative to act on behalf of others. This amount can be substantial.

Getting Legal Help is the First Step

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