Our attorneys handle cases against businesses engaging in deceptive and unfair trade practices. In some cases, you may recover attorney’s fees and treble (triple) damages if you prove a business acted deceitfully. Most successful unfair or deceitful trade practice cases include evidence of false representations to induce the purchase of a product or service.


Are you an individual or business who has been victimized by false or deceptive business practices? Our attorneys investigate and pursue consumer fraud and deceptive trade practice claims against businesses and individuals who deceive and defraud their customers.

Businesses are governed by a network of state and federal laws that prohibit false or deceptive trade practices. These laws apply to a broad range of transactions including the sale of goods (both new and used) and certain services that fall across most industries.

In many cases, the victim of a false or deceptive trade practice can recover three times their actual damages plus attorney’s fees. In other words, the law provides an incentive for victims to assert their legal rights against bad faith commercial actors.

Getting Legal Help is the First Step

We have handled deceptive and unfair trade practice cases against a variety of businesses in various industries.

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