Our attorneys represent businesses in all sorts of commercial matters including breach of contract, partnership and shareholder disputes, defamation, and fraud. In many instances, we are able to resolve business disputes through pre-suit mediation or arbitration. When litigation is necessary, we listen to your concerns to obtain the best outcome as efficiently as possible.

Commercial Litigation

BFH Law Group handles a wide range of commercial disputes. We take on complex cases, including those involving business litigation and commercial arbitration. Some types of cases we handle include:

  • Intracompany, partnership, and joint venture disputes
  • Cases relating to trade secrets, noncompetition and nonsolicitation and/or confidentiality agreements
  • Breach of contract cases
  • Class actions (all varieties)
  • Consumer financial litigation
  • Business torts
  • Private deals (e.g., busted deals or post-closing disputes)
  • Insurance litigation
  • Construction litigation
  • Appellate litigation
  • Real estate and land use litigation
  • Maritime and admiralty litigation
  • Employment litigation
  • Transportation litigation
  • Breach of fiduciary duty litigation
  • Environmental litigation

From multimillion-dollar contract proceedings to limited lease disputes, our lawyers bring their legal acumen to every civil litigation case they take on, including those relating to contracts, sales, financing instruments and employment contract disputes.

Getting Legal Help is the First Step

Have you found yourself in the middle of a commercial dispute? Contact us today to speak with our experienced attorneys. We will listen to your concerns to obtain the best outcome as efficiently as possible.